Cabaret Belly Dance with Tammi ~

​If you are looking for just plain old belly dancing, there is nothing plain about Belly Dance Classes with Tammi Yasmine Fabris of Sirens In Sanity Belly Dance...At each class, students are encouraged to dress in colorful dance attire, skirts, harem pants, bodysuits or bras, and noisy coin belts. Sirens believe that the richness of your dress will transfer over into a richness in your dancing. Students get more than basic belly dance technique, they learn how to apply the technique to their own particular essence which allows each dancer to develop a style of their own. You will learn the essential belly dance movements of the hips, stomach, arms, shoulders and head, and how to perform with confidence and keep the audience wanting more! We are dances in the art of femininity and strength.

Gymnastic Dreams with Royya & Megan ~ This gymnastics program will teach your children basic and above basic gymnastic technique. Includes tumbling and handstand training, along with how to fall safely wherever and whenever. Children will learn balance, build strength, and most of all build confidence and believe in themselves. Coach Royya is first aid and CPR certified as well as USA Gymnastics certified and the Paradise junior football cheer coach.

Kid's Poi with Abigail ~

Aerial Hoop with Abigail ~

Heart Core & Aerial Yoga with Raychel ~

​Purify and Strengthen mind, body, and soul as we explore a variety of yoga, Pilates, and martial arts, and sound healing mixed with my own intuitive twist! This class builds fundamentals for a strong core and upper body as well as inner peace. This class will aid in higher performance on the Aerial silk. What are you waiting for?

Fire Dance with Abigail & Matthew ~

Aerial Yoga I with Christina & Tessa ~

Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and above, connecting with the breathe, body and spirit. Each class soft fabric closing meditation and singing bowls will have you wanting to come back for more and more. 

Aerial Yoga Prenatal with Seaira ~

The aerial hammock is used as a yoga prop and offers extra, soft support for mothers-to-be. A gentle, slow practice will leave you feeling emotionally and physically lighter, freer and happier. Connect with your baby and body in more ways than one. We will be exploring pranayama (breathing) techniques and pelvic floor work to help prepare for childbirth. Pre-natal yoga has been proven to shorten labor times, prepare the body and increase strength for momma and baby for a beautiful birthing experience. Class ends lying in the hammock and relaxing into pure bliss of meditation, massage and peace.

Aerial Yoga Level I/Restorative with Seaira ~

Improve balance through use of fabric. Experience the empowerment of lifting your own body weight in new poses. Boost your immune system and build core strength. Some classes the hammock will be hung lower to the ground for ultimate restorative poses, lower back work and deeper grounding. Every class ends with a relaxing meditation & massage.

High Intensity Flow with Will ~

Sun salutations and pranayama into a heart pounding sweat pouring full body workout. Create a flow!

Children's Aerial Yoga with Jessica ~

Join Jessica on a magical aerial yoga adventure. Establishing safe boundaries and a relationship with not only the hammock, their breathe, and each other, but with themselves! Children will learn aerial yoga basics - ground, standing and inversion poses. They will be guided through a yoga practice, and guided into exploration and creative time for each child to freely express themselves and share and teach to each other. (ages 5-7)

Kid's Aerial Yoga with Christina ~

In this 45 minute class your yogis will be introduced to aerial hammocks and each week will build on what was the learned the week prior. They will have time to explore, create, and mindfully play in the hammocks both structured and independently.  It incorporates fun minded movement up in the air. This class offers therapeutic and sensory benefits while having fun and strengthening their minds and bodies. Yoga in the aerial hammock is a whole new experience and is great tool to aid in stimulating the sensory system, body awareness, social and emotional needs, and self regulation. Each week the kids will build upon the previous work, learning new poses, mindfulness techniques, breathing tools and creative ways to practice yoga in the hammock! (ages 8-12)

Brain Dance with Jena ~

Exploring movement and dance. Learning basic structure, breathing, balance, movement, sensory play, creative play and brain dance techniques. Believe in your dreams. (ages 5-12)

Acro Yoga for the Family with Seaira & Will ~

Fun for the whole family learn the basics of Acro yoga. A playful and rewording way to bond and creat positive life skills.

Beginner Acro Yoga (Level 1) for adults and couples with Seaira & Will ~

A comprehensive class on the basics of Acro yoga. We lift you up!

Creative Ballet with Christina ~

Calling all dreamers, ballerinas & little dancers between the ages of 3 and 5 who love to move and explore. We are excited to embark on a beautiful ballet adventure. This class will start with a ballet story time, lead into creative stretching & ballet conditioning. Across the floor techniques, bar work, imaginative acting, facial expression exercises & a special closing circle. Exploring body movement and beginning, basic ballet techniques and form. Requested Attire: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet skirt, pink ballet slippers & hair in a neat bun. (Optional: black or pink ballet sweater and/or leg warmers, color of your choice!)

Kid's Aerial Dreams with Christina ~

An aerial dance performing troupe for kids between the ages of 8 and 12 who love aerial, flying, dancing and performing! Troupe members will be invited or specially assessed to determine if this is the class for them. This class will focus on strengthening, conditioning, more advanced aerial poses, flips, drops, dance technique with the fabric and work on choreographed aerial dance routines each class prepping for our December 9th Aerial Showcase that will take place at our studio. From then on, this troupe has several future performing opportunities at local events, festivals and studio private parties. Every class ends with a 5 minute guided meditation as the students fully relax their body and spirits, feel grateful for their bodies and what they are capable of, enjoy the smells of lavender and/or essential oils, massage therapy and relax sweet silence in their hammock/also know as their cacoon. (Troupe costume, extra rehearsals near show days and arts & craft gatherings are all included in the one time fee that covers 3 in a half months of classes!)

Hula Hooping with Meg ~

Hula hooping has many facets of expression, hoop dance, as we like to call it. In this weekly class you will learn the art of hula hooping through body hooping, arm hooping, tricks, yoga and choreography. You will surprise yourself at your ability and witness yourself break through new pathways of movement and mastery. Hula Hooping is amazing, trust me.

Aerial Yoga Homeschool with Raychel  ~ 
This class helps to build a foundation of balance and strength, and taught with a strong emphasis on positive attitude! Each week, students will be introduced to Aerial basics that incorporate yoga practices of breath, mindfulness, and leave feeling empowered in their own amazing abilities! Each class is developed around a theme to make it fun and encourage further learning. (ages 8-12)

Kid's Fusion with Abigail ~

Adult Aerial Dreams with Christina ~

Tribal Belly Dance with Abigail ~

Mommy & Me Adventures with Jamie ~

Exploring dance through imaginary play, instruments, and obstacles. Ages 3-5 with a parent or guardian. Dad's welcome. Routines will be choreographed which we will perform in our January and June shows. It's a great time to set aside for you and your little one to bond and make new friends.

Children's Creative Dance with Abigail ~

Children's Aerial Dreams with Abigail ~ 

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