Tessa Miley ~ Aerial Yoga Instructor, Software Programmer, Aerialist Performer

Matthew initially had an interest in fire safety to assist in the blossoming fire performances of his significant other. With an uninhibited interest in fire from a young age and a flair for the dramatic, it was only a short time before he picked up the flame and started his flow.
Matthew co-teaches the fire classes at Positive-I and oversees the fire safety and equipment maintenance. To balance the heat, he also supplies the drinking water at Positive-I, hydrating everyone with local well water. You may also find Matthew lending a hand with random maintenance around the facility.


Jena Trzaskalski ~ Brain Dance Instructor, Green Paradise Cafe Owner/Studio Caterer

Matthew Braun ~ Fire Dance Instructor, water man, studio dance handy man dance dad 

Raychel Smith ~ Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher

Royya Chitgar ~ Gymnastic Dreams Coach 

​My name is Royya and I am so blessed to be apart if the Positive-i family! Im excited to share and teach my passion.... gymnastics and tumbling. I have been working with children my whole life. I have coached many sports but my love has always been with gymnastics. I have coached competitive and recreational gymnastics and I have even been apart of an autistic program. I believe gymnastics is one of the number one fundamentals all children need to start Sports. I am first aid and CPR certified as well as USA Gymnastics certified and Paradise junior football cheer coach. "When you try, you you fly".

Christina Burton ~ Aerial Yoga Instructor, Kid's & Adult Aerial Dreams Coach, Event Coordinator and Aerial Hoop & Hammock Performer 


A Resort & Lodging Management/Chico State graduate, athlete, dancer since she was 5, Certified Massage Therapist, aerial yogi from Monterey...Christina's life was forever changed after discovering yoga when she was 20 years old. Shortly after visiting Esalen in Big Sur and seeing a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, she became truly inspired to open a dance & circus center for all ages to enjoy. She has become focused on creating a magical studio where people can come be themselves, let go, and heal from the inside out. Inspiring others to discover their true self, connect with their inner child, spread the love of dance & aerial yoga and inspire others to follow their dreams. She has been dancing & performing for over 20 years. Starting at Carmel Ballet Academy when she 7, Christina has since trained and become certified with Omni Yoga Gym, Air Cat Circus Center in Boulder, Colorado, Levity Aerial Yoga with Lei Lei DeKirby & Aerial Yoga Goddess Training with Margie Pargie. She continues her training in dance and aerial & loves the blend between the two. Christina hopes to someday open Positive-i Dance & Circus Centers all over the world. She thanks her husband, two girls and staff for supporting her every dream, flying, dancing & throwing events to remember!

Seaira Brooke ~ Aerial Yoga & Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Acro Family Fit Instructor

A 10 year Healer/certified massage therapist, Seaira attended Phillips Massage School in Nevada City, California. Seaira is bringing an offering of restorative aerial yoga (level #1) and Prenatal Yoga using a silk as a relaxing prop to help prepare a mother to be for labor and connect with there breath and baby! Seaira is also certified to teach Acro-Yoga. This fun, partner acrobats takes yoga to a circus level! Get lifted!

​​​​​Positive-I dANCE & Circus Center

Jamie Ramey ~ Kids Jazz Instructor, Hip Hop & Lyrical Dancer 

Abigail Moore ~ Studio Manager, Tribal Belly Dance, Poi, Fire Dance, Kid's Fusion, Children's Creative Dance & Aerial Hoop Instructor/Performer, Children's Aerial Dreams Coach, Event Coordinator & Studio Manager

Abigail Moore has studied various forms of dance for over 13 years. She is trained in the art of  American Tribal Style BellyDance, Jazz and Lyrical Fusion Dance. She has studied Ballet, Hip Hop and West African Drum and Dance. Abigail has studied middle eastern rhythms and how to interpret live drumming into a beautiful choreography.
Abigail is also a certified Aerial Yoga teacher. She has trained hard in the Aerial Hoop (Lyra) and the Aerial Swing. Her love of dance is easy to see.