​​​​​Positive-I dANCE & Circus Center

Enjoy a healing massage with Angela Gaitan, MBP ~

"It is customary in my family for the parents to massage the babies and kids when they are sick or hurt.  Then the kids message the elders. I went to massage school in Arizona and became a MBP (Master Body Practitioner) in Utah all by the age of 19. I have continued to learn and take classes to better my techniques. Joining the circus wasn't a hard choice to make. With all the shows, wonderful performers and performer in training makes Positive-i the perfect place for me, because I am trained in but not limited to Functional assessment, Myo facial release, sport injury therapy, Russian sports therapy, cranial sacral unwilling, Shiatsu and Reflexology for those dancing feet.  I believe that every BODY should by pampered and what better way than with spa treatments such as full-body scrubs, masks & wraps. Thank you for reading a little about me. I look forward to seeing you soon."

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